Are you somebody that understands that having your own meditation and mindfulness practice would be a benefit to your life? Have you started a practice before but been unable to keep it up? Have you always wondered what it would be like to have a solid, daily meditation practice?  

We all have busy lives that demand our attention and energy. Did you realise that by committing just a small amount of time each day to be present, you are beginning a journey into a practice that will enrich your life in so many ways. This practice has been proven to reduce stress, improve concentration and performance, allow for greater empathy, understanding and so much more. 

Tom draws on his 10+ years of meditation and mindfulness experience to give you the right encouragement, advice and support to build your practice. This is an opportunity to learn new techniques, ask as many questions as you like and most importantly, have someone that is dedicated to your success and to help you each step of the way. 


The course is a 6 week, personalised program that will give the following:

  • 6 x 1:1 video call or phone coaching sessions conducted weekly

  • Complete instruction and opportunity to build a personal meditation technique that's suited for your own style

  •  Mindfulness techniques, tips and tricks for you to practice and remain present throughout your day

  • Personalise your own daily practice by discovering your own habits and rituals

  • Discussions around developing the right environment to build a positive, happy mindset


If you do feel like now is the time to begin your journey to stillness, then fill in the form below for a free 30 minute consultation. You'll receive an overview of the program and to have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your objectives.  

Please note that this program requires you to be fully present in a quiet location for an hour each week for our sessions along with a personal daily practice time of between 5-20 minutes a day. If you cannot commit to these things, the program is not for you. 

Concessions are available for students or low income earners

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