A regular meditation practice is an incredibly powerful tool to stay focused, calm and effective in the workplace. Join one of the many high performance global companies such as Google, Intel and Goldman Sachs that swear by the benefits to the happiness and performance of their staff by introducing mindfulness programs into the workplace. 

Unlike a lot of other teachers in this space, Tom has extensive experience in managing people, hitting targets, dealing with difficult customers and situations and all the other pressures that we face on a daily basis in the office. The program that is now available to businesses will directly address these pressures and offer tools that will provide direct assistance to feel happier, calmer and more productive in the workplace. You will also rest assured that your employees will be spoken to in real terms with easy to grasp concepts. 


The 8 week course will provide your staff with the following tools and learnings:

  • A robust meditation practice and program that is designed to be built into the busiest of working lives

  • A solid introduction into mindfulness and the advantages to employing it in the workplace

  • Tools to actively relax and switch off from the work environment allowing for better energy when its needed

  • The ability to recognise when you are in the best position to make an important decision - and the tools to get there if not

  • Uncovering your own unique habits and rituals that put you in the best mindset to succeed in work and life


Tom is so confident that you and your staff will benefit from this program that he guarantees it! Find out how today by arranging a meeting via or  0451 053 520