Objectivity and the Power of Meditation

It’s pretty weird being a student of something and then making the move to being a teacher. Firstly, I think its so important to state that pretty much ANY teacher that you deal with in this kind of work whether it be yoga, meditation or some healing modality is STILL going to be working through their own stuff. Its easy to put these people on a pedestal and forget that they are by no means perfect and still have their own work to do.


Personally, I have met two people in my life that have attained an advanced level of self-mastery. If you aren’t sure if you have, you probably haven’t… Meeting them is something that will leave an indelible mark on your life experience.


In some situations, you might find yourself in the right place to provide some support or guidance to help people through a certain problem or issue that they themselves can’t for whatever reason move forward on. When you provide this assistance and it helps, someone might look upon you from a position of wisdom - when in real terms most of the time its going to come from a place of objectivity.


When you are emotionally detached from a situation you tend to be able to make a ‘big picture’ assessment of what is going on and pretty quickly its evident on the best course of action or at least you can see some positive ways to move forward. In other words, if you are not personally invested in the energy already used up in whatever situation or don’t have a 'horse in the race', you’ll tend to make a clear, concise and positive suggestion to move forward.


Imagine the ability to do this for yourself at all times! Self-reliance is the most powerful way to work through your issues. I remember way back when I was younger volunteering for youthline in NZ – the key takeaway for me in the training was regardless on whether the answer to the problem was obvious to the outsider, the real growth and ability to move on is when you find the answers inside. We were constantly encouraged to steer the caller in the right direction if we could - because you create a reliance that isn't healthy for the person in need if you just give them the answer. I know, its pretty simple stuff but we can lose sight of this when we get really caught up in our own moments. 


The real power in transformation comes from within.


This is one of meditations greatest powers. As you practice removing your awareness from your thoughts over and over again throughout your sitting, you begin to offer some space between your self and your endless stream of thoughts. To have the opportunity to allow your thoughts to lessen the grip of your energy and awareness allows us to make decisions based on what is actually best for us, rather than what our thoughts decide for us.


So regardless if you have frustration in your own practice, just know that each time you consciously move your awareness to the present, you are exercising a mental muscle that benefits you in so many ways.


Never stop the work! Never stop being your own student.