Considering a practice

“It is better to conquer yourself than win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you” - Buddha

Our lives contain a great deal of complexity. We often are given tasks which involve a lot of considerations and actions to achieve a set goal. In fitness, perhaps, we are given a list of different exercises, routines, diets and programmes to achieve a goal of physical wellbeing. If you are just starting out in meditation in an extremely basic practice, this may feel foreign to the way we normally attempt to achieve our goals. Perhaps the simplicity of doing just one thing at a time will make you feel that you are not on the road to achievement, but as you continue on your journey, you may find a previously unencountered sense of joy, peace and serenity from undertaking such a simple practice. 

Simple may it be, there are many reasons why your practice may drop off. The very nature of sitting still and concentrating on one thing when we could be doing any other manner of more stimulating exercises brings a strong obstacle when starting out. Once stillness is achieved however, the results can be quite powerful. Lifechanging, even. 

Thousands of years’ worth of practitioners would agree; meditation is a wonderful practice that can only truly be experienced and rewarded through self-effort and discovery.