The Mirror

Imagine that deep inside of ourselves exists a mirror. The mirror lives inside of a room, in the deepest recesses of our mind. A mirror that only we are able to see.

Imagine that there was nothing else in this room except a door, and the mirror.

Now imagine that the mirror was able to see yourself for who you really were. Show you your life's purpose. Show your innate gifts you have to offer the world. Show you your path to your true happiness and fulfillment.

All you have to do is walk through the door and look.

When you are young and starting out your life, you hear the call from inside the room. As soon as you start, you hear a voice saying that you’re not good enough to get there. You hear another voice that tells you that it's more important to focus on your career, to get that promotion. Another voice tells you that you won't get there unless you drop that weight that you said you would in January. Yet another voice tells you that you need to find the right person first and start a family before you start - it's selfish otherwise. The next voice tells you that you really need to upgrade your car, to go on that holiday.. Once you get there, you will be able to start your journey.

You start listening to these voices, they become louder and louder, all wrestling with each other for their turn with the microphone inside your mind.

You decide its most important at this time to get that promotion, but at the sacrifice of your health. The pounds have gone on more rather than down. You also sacrificed that potential relationship to put the hours in the office. You did get that nice new car, perhaps that would attract someone that appreciates the finer things in life. You did get a holiday (a little shorter than you would have liked due to your new responsibilities), but didn't get a chance to go on that journey because since you work so hard, you deserved to really let your hair down.  

Time passes. You’ve got nice things now but you’re tired, often unhappy, stressed. Your partner left you. They found someone who had a great deal more wealth than you. Your days are long and stressful at work but you have a number of good friends that are always available for drinks after work to destress and wind down. More often than not, you call on them.

Something breaks. You can’t go on like this anymore. Anything but this will do. You’re tired of being tired. You’re tired of having no energy and you are drinking far too much.

From the depths of despair, the mirror flashes back into your view. An old memory… a promise perhaps.

You quit your job and decide to chase it. You are 58 years old.

The voices are still here on the journey. This time, they are deafening. You’ve spent so much time on the current path that you feel there is no point going back… you’ve still got that option to make partner and buy that second house.

Yet this time you have help. You’ve found a community and a teacher that tell you that it is normal for the voices to draw you away. They’ve given you tools to help stay on the path, to keep the room with the mirror in your view. To remember how and why you got to where you are today, and to remind yourself of what happens if you continue.

Days, weeks pass. You don’t seem like you are any closer to the room with the mirror, but something has changed. The voices remain but they don’t seem to be quite so loud or important as they were not long ago. You have been more active and have been eating better, and you feel happier and more energized. You decided that it would be good to lay off drinking for a while, and you notice how much you used this as a crutch when things got tough. You have found that moving your body and having a cup of tea was a good way to let these tough times a little easier. You’ve found a few people that can relate, and talking to them has really helped.

A few years have passed. You’ve dropped a lot of weight and feel good about yourself. You never did have to go back to drinking.

You’ve been meditating every day for a couple of years now. The voices are still there but they aren’t saying so many things that leave you feeling less. You’ve even had a few experiences where you were in the room, looking directly at the mirror. Although fleeting, the feeling will never leave you.

A feeling of self worth, connectedness and love. A place where you found yourself.