Foundation. Practice. Discovery.

A STILL MIND provides meditation and mindfulness training to individuals and groups in Sydney, Australia. With a decade of meditation and mindfulness training and experience, teacher Tom Sullivan gives a nurturing, energizing and enjoyable journey into this age old practice. 

Classes offer the chance to move inwards to heal, grow and know more about your own nature. Feel free to browse this site for more information on how you can enjoy the many benefits that this practice offers.


I thought I was a fairly relaxed person and didn’t really know much about meditation or what to expect when starting with Tom, but Tom was able to brilliantly explain the difference between meditation and simply relaxing and how meditation can help you be more mindful, focused, and concentrate better on what you wish to while shutting out any unnecessary thoughts. In addition to being quite relaxed already, I’ve found I’ve become more driven and focused on specific tasks, which allows me to enjoy down time a lot more as things aren’t in the back of my mind.
— Nick C - Business Owner




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